Ctrl + Fear

As I contemplate this new year, I pray that, along with changing out batteries and light bulbs and stinky old dishrags, I’ll switch out my thinking and my habits. That I will no longer fear being out of control, but that I will bend the knee and rejoice because HE is in control. That I will meditate on the glorious bounty of God’s sovereignty and His goodness and His kindness, and put on faithfulness and trust and submission as the new creature in Christ that He has made me to be.

I. was pregnant. with a baby.

Rape is tragic. Violence is sickening. It is a foul blight on humanity that it has happened —and no less authority than the word of God has condemned it. It damages a woman physically and emotionally—but never irrevocably. Never without hope. I know its ugliness and I know women who are haunted in this life by both physical and emotional wounds. But it is never without hope.