Welcome to #thereyougothinkingagain. I am Laura Miller, a.k.a., mrsdkmiller.

Social media connections and friends know this about me: Editor, Writer, Mentor, Wife, Mom, Recipient of grace. That last identity is the one that has been woven throughout my life, first as an unbeliever stumbling in the City of Destruction, now as a pilgrim journeying toward the Celestial City.


Twenty-five years ago I put down my red editing pen for the privilege of becoming mrsdkmiller. (There was grace.) I had worked as a reporter and a managing editor for a New England news organization and a writer/researcher for a well-known, Washington D.C.-based public policy group before wearing a succession of hats (sometimes more than one at a time) for a small publishing house in southwestern Louisiana — publicist, proofreader, copyeditor, managing editor, acquisitions editor, book designer, freelance development and copy editor, director of marketing. (Grace there, too.) After 4 years with that press (with a dual gig of teaching English at a local private school), I moved to Orlando to join the editorial team at Ligonier Ministries where I took on the fun and fulfilling task of writing and editing content for Tabletalk magazine, but also anything that was dropped in the “to do” bin. (More grace.)

​While there I met my husband and moved to Pittsburgh, whence began that very important calling: acquiring, developing, proofing, and correcting children instead of manuscripts. (Bunches of grace, mercy, kindness, love.) In the final years of homeschooling my children, I slowly began my return to writing and editing. I have contributed to The Gospel Coalition-International Outreach project, Servants of GraceThree Rivers Grace Church and have done some freelance book editing. In addition, I have enjoyed the opportunity to speak for women’s groups, presenting Bible study workshops and talks on the Christian life (most regularly for our church’s MomsConnect group). I recently retired from a regular freelance gig as senior editor for Heat Treat Today. (See Catalogue of Writing for links.) I would be happy to entertain any questions or inquiries regarding my services — just click on Contacts for more information. 


A spin off of a Charles Spurgeon quote provides this tagline for this blog: “May I persevere as the snail to the ark.” CHS first said it thus: “By perseverance, the snail reached the ark.” I hope to write more about what that means to me in the near future.

Most of all: Remember Rosaria’s quote from that first post, the one about cat hair and macaroni and cheese?  Yeah, it’ll be that way sometimes, but the door’s always open and the coffee’s always on. 


  1. Laura! You were so kind to like my blog. We have written for a some of the same places (Servants of Grace and TGC). I would love to talk with you sometime about the writing life. Your blog is great!

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    1. Greetings, Laura! Thanks for your kind comment about my blog. I have definitely enjoyed following your work on yours. Yes, there appear to be quite a few similarities — and not just where we’ve been published. I lived in Lafayette, Louisiana, for 4 years (1990-1994); my brother is currently in Abbeville. I confess, I did a little snooping and see from your Facebook page that we have a lot of friends in common through the WCA world. I taught high school English there 1992-1994. It would be fun to talk more!


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