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The Gospel Coalition – International Outreach

Guatemalan Pastors Turning from Cafeteria-Style Religion

(5/8/2017) Holy Week in Antigua typically draws more than a half million participants to the annual Semana Santa celebration. But this predominantly Roman Catholic event in the former capital city of Guatemala includes some unorthodox worshipers. . . . Read more here.

African Pastors Saying ‘No’ to Prosperity Theology

(12/27/2016) There is no shortage of churches in Kenya, nor of preachers, prophets, or evangelists. Large churches offer multiple services that attract thousands who flock to hear flamboyant preaching. A typical sermon might include divine revelations and promises of wealth and healing. Notably lacking is scriptural integrity. . . . Read more here.

Defusing Spiritual Minefields in Zambia 

(10/27/2017) Zambia is a so-called Christian nation, and many believers accept an adulterated form of Christianity. Only 5 percent of this south African nation is unreached by the gospel, according to Operation World. This statistic reflects more than 150 years of missionary efforts in Zambia, but numbers don’t tell the whole story. . . . Read more here.

Devouring God’s Word in Uganda

(6/27/2016) The request made the mission leaders pause. Why did the woman want an English-language Bible if she couldn’t read English? . . . Read more here.

Servants of Grace

Singing the Song of Heaven Together

(8/4/2020) In this time of confusion, sorrow, and unrest, when many of us may have forgotten what it’s like to sing with the brethren in worship, there is one thing that binds believers together. We are all learning the same words of the song we will sing together on Mount Zion. Our study doesn’t include traditional methods of voice instruction—no scales or enunciation practice. When we serve one another in Christ through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, we leave behind the distinctions that divide. We lay aside our prejudices and idols; we build harmonies and practice heavenly graces that rise up to God’s ears as ethereal melodies.

Cross-Minded Conduct and Conversation

(Colossians series; 6/5/2020) As Paul wraps up his teaching portion of the letter to the Colossians, he shifts from the topic of how union in Christ is manifested in the personal lives of believers and in their relationships within the body to their public walk before an unbelieving and watching world. The conduit for this transition is prayer . . . Read more here.

Scheduling The Talk with Yourself 

(1 Timothy series; 5/25/2017) As I write this, fans of two major sports are watching their favorite teams battle it out for the championships. There are four teams left in each league, and from this round of games, two hockey teams will advance to the Stanley Cup finals and two basketball teams will square off in the men’s NBA playoffs. . . . Read more here.

Yes Is Better Than No

(5/11/2017) “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” William Shakespeare wasn’t the first to make the connection between drama on a stage and drama in life, but his words are perhaps the most memorable. . . . Read more here.

Sheepdogs, Sheep and a Shepherd

(4/23/2017) Once upon a time, there was a young sheepdog named Tag who lived in a house with a girl named Hannah. In Hannah’s second grade class, it was a highlight of the year when students were allowed to share something special with their classmates. . . . Read more here.

When God Pries My Fingers Off My Children

(4/16/2017) This is not one of those posts where a mom looks back to her early days of motherhood and wishes she’d known then what she knows now about potty-training or education choices or organic clothing. Although I totally wish we’d moved to the country sooner than we did. . . . Read more here.

Found. Redeemed. Welcomed

(4/14/2017) My husband describes the moment that he realized I was the one he’d been looking for this way: “It was like spotting a fugitive on the street whose wanted photo you’ve been carrying around for months. . . . Read more here.

A Gate, a Cross, and a Hole in the Ground

(4/2/2017) Is there a hole I can just dive into when sanctification gets hard, unwieldy and messy? Am I the only person whose mind drifts back to the days on the other side of the divide of faith and recalls how easy it was to exist with no thought to the consequences of sin? . . . Read more here.

Three Rivers Grace Church Blog

The following articles disappeared when the church website was migrated to a new host. Many but not all have been retained and incorporated into the #thereyougothinkingagain blog.

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