5-Minute Fridays

5-ish minutes of musings on provided prompts 

This page is under construction. The original content is here.

Today’s Deliverances for Tomorrow’s Hope

5-Minute Friday post for March 20, 2020, on TOMORROW

Unremarkable Talent

Three children hiding behind rocks in forest

5-Minute Friday post for February 7, 2020, on TALENT

A Brand Plucked from the Fire

5-Minute Friday post on MIDDLE, originally written 1/13/2017

One More Day

5-Minute Friday post for April 28, 2017, on MORE.

Five Minute Friday (FMF) is a weekly event hosted at the website of Kate Motaung wherein participants are given a single word prompt every Thursday evening, which remains active for one week. How to play: write for 5 minutes on the thoughts, memories, impressions, reflections, aspirations, hopes, beliefs, convictions, or whatever, that that prompt word brings to mind. Set a timer, write without worry about spelling or grammar or typos, and stop when the timer goes off (no cheating). The rules are here. It’s free, it’s non-committal, and it’s easy to participate, so come to the #FMFparty with me!

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