A Brand Plucked from the Fire

Darkness is pushed back as a spotlight flashes on. It’s over my head and I am in the middle of its sharply defined circle of light. I look down at my trembling frame, encased in rags and smudged with ash and dirt from the fire. I am not prepared to meet Him who “has roused himself from His holy dwelling.”*

Surely I am doomed.

On the other side stands my accuser. He has the goods on me. Everything he has to say will be true. I am unworthy. I am full of iniquity. As he begins to raise his finger to draw attention to my crimes, he is interrupted.

“Is this not a brand I have plucked from the fire?” says the Lord. 

And instead of being in the middle of condemnation, I am awash in a sea of grace and mercy. The Standard of the Faith buffers me from the wrath and judgment due me. He promises provision in the comfort under His vine and beneath His fig tree. He will make His house mine, and I will dwell with Him forever.

*Zechariah 3:1-10

Photo by Kartabya Aryal on Unsplash

** Five Minute Friday (FMF) is a free, weekly event hosted at the website of Kate Motaung. The word was MIDDLE.


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