Romans Read-Through Resources

We are now meeting through videoconferencing until IT’S deemed safe to meet in person again. For information about joining in, contact Laura at

Welcome . . .

This is the resources page for the Romans Read-Through group (women’s) meeting the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, at Three Rivers Grace Church in the West End; 9:30-11:30 am. Childcare provided but please let us know ahead of time.

What to do with this page:

Check on the passage we will be reviewing and the passage we will begin reading in the next read-through 
Utilize online resources for further study.
Access print-outs for personal study, prep, or follow up.

In our last meeting (4/14), we read through Chapter 14.
In our next meeting (4/21), we will review Chapter 14 and read through Chapter 15.

Online Resources:

There are several online resources for reading and studying the Bible, some great, some not so good. It is my hope that what I am sharing here are among the great.

Bible Study Helps
One excellent, single, go-to source is the Berean Wannabe. The Study Helps page linked above is an expanded version of what used to be at the Berean Wannabe. You’ll find commentaries, Bible translations, Bible dictionaries, textual charts and resources, confessions, and other Christian resources. (My personal favorite is the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.)

Bible Passage Observation Sheets
This is a helpful resource for those who like to mark up the text as you read and study but who don’t want to do so in your Bibles. Here you can print off any chapter from any book of the Bible with double-spacing and a wide right margin for notetaking — in either portrait or landscape formatting. Worksheets are in the New American Standard Version.
Sinclair Ferguson: An Overview of Romans in 40 Minutes
This is a message Dr. Sinclair Ferguson delivered at special Banner of Truth event during the Shepherd’s Conference in 2019.

Articles about Bible Study

(I’ll add to this section as I come across resources and articles about Bible study — methods, suggestions, examples, etc.)

Two on using commentaries in your Bible study:
“Yes, Bring Commentaries to Bible Study”
“Let’s Think Straight About Commentaries”

Printable Resources
and Instruction for Further Study of the Bible (with emphasis on Romans)

Go to Google Drive by clicking here. This will allow you to access a folder with downloadable/printable resources to help you in your Bible study, including:
Bible Study Worksheet for Epistles
Bible Study Workshop Outline
CST Diagram — a diagram that helps explain how to get from text to application without going off the line (from Charles Simeon Trust)
The Story of the Bible: From Creation to New Creation // Basic Bible Competency – Toolkit [1] (from Carrie Sandom)
Rightly Handling the Word of truth – to Mine the Bible’s Treasure // Basic Bible Competency – Toolkit [2] (from Carrie Sandom)
. . . and more to come!

*You can also access the Drive folder with this link:

from Frederick Marsh

My conviction is that the more the Bible is studied -- the more there is found in it to be studied.
Fresh light, strength, joy, help, grace, and blessing -- break out from it!
Scripture is like . . .
  the dawn--ever new in its light;
  the air--ever fresh in its vitality;
  spiritual food--ever nourishing to our soul;
  the flowers--ever beautiful in their variety.
Our God and Father in Christ, I thank You that You have given Your Holy Word for my instruction.
Enable me in the grace of the Holy Spirit . . .
  to love Your Word supremely,
  to believe it wholly,
  to live it out truly,
  to follow it earnestly,
  to rest on it contentedly,
  to follow it continually,
  to practice it consistently,
  to obey it unhesitatingly,
  to hear its voice attentively,
  to handle it reverently, and
  to enter into its spirit devotedly.
In His Name, who alone is worthy, I pray. Amen.