Her March Isn’t Over: Supporting Single Moms Who Choose Life

The March may be in our rear view mirror, but the women and children stricken by the culture’s wild road trip to sexual license are lying all over the path in front of us. The March may be over for those who attend, but it’s not for the single mom. Pour grace into her exhausted and lonely life, smooth her path while you help her become strong in Christ, revive her along the way as she walks in obedience, and pray for her to daily submit her household to Him.

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I. was pregnant. with a baby.

Rape is tragic. Violence is sickening. It is a foul blight on humanity that it has happened —and no less authority than the word of God has condemned it. It damages a woman physically and emotionally—but never irrevocably. Never without hope. I know its ugliness and I know women who are haunted in this life by both physical and emotional wounds. But it is never without hope.

Remembering Why I Called You Hannah

God’s remembrances in this life work out as His best providences for us. They transform us into the likeness of Christ in our individual circumstances, and His remembrances echo eternal promises and benefits, reflecting His character.