Sheepdogs, Sheep, and a Shepherd

Even though there may be many shepherds and many herds, there is only one shepherd for each herd. And only the true Shepherd—only Jesus Christ—can call sinners to repentance and faith. Despite all the good intentions of faithful and clever sheepdogs, all they are able to accomplish is an interpretation of the shepherd’s commands. Dogs can’t save souls. They are, after all, just dogs.

Do You Hear the Whistle Calling?

The Shepherd’s call is so particular and so unique to his own sheep, that other sheep would not respond. In fact, it is the call itself that transforms the sheep, that gives them this new identity as HIS sheep, and it is so powerful and persuasive and contains all the mystery of the ages and the glory of heaven, that it draws these newly transformed sheep to their loving and caring shepherd — our wonderful Savior.